Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a Florist!! and an event planner! and a maid of honor!!

I have been back in the Seattle area now for over a month, and I wasn't sure if I would be bored or busy, or what, so I have been pleasantly surprised to have something to do almost every day. Most of the time it has been something to do with my sister's wedding plans (which is coming up really really fast!) or a shower or something like that. My parent's have been in town doing stuff for the wedding too and that has been fun to run around getting things done with them. I'm kinda glad that the bridal showers are done, not that they weren't fun, but a lot of work goes into that if you want it to be fun for everyone :) Robyn says that she loved both of them and I think they went smoothly, so I am happy that I spent the time making them good!

My next endeavor I completed yesterday, and that is the role of florist. No, I am not doing all the flowers, just the 2 big arrangements that will go at the front of the church made of silk flowers. I was fairly confident that I could pull it off in the way that I wanted, but you never know until you've actually done it :) I am very pleased!! I think they turned out really beautiful. In a minute I need to go finish buying a couple cases of wine and some fabric to line the flower girl basket (yes I am making the flower girl basket- it's so much cheaper!! ;) ) .

My sister is getting married. My little sister. I have been thinking about it a lot, but I don't know if you can really grasp a sibling getting married until it has happened. Two families are being joined in less than 2 weeks and then we are stuck with them forever!! :) (love you Messner family!!) I'm soooo excited for that day!! It is going to be so beautiful and so many people have been a part of the planning and both my mom and I were really happy to help, so it has been a family effort, without too much disagreement ;) Well, I'm looking forward the the BIG DAY, and will welcome it with open arms...