Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new day

As many of you know, I don't view sadness as something that is so bad. Some people avoid the emotion of sadness as the worst thing that could ever happen. I don't think it's right to seek only "happiness" as your sole goal in life. Yes, I believe that we should have the Joy of the Lord, but I am a firm believer that you can be joyful even when you are sad. I don't think the sweet and good things in life would be as amazing if we don't spend adequate time feeling sorrowful over those things that truly disappoint. I don't think dwelling in sadness is healthy at all, but the occasional cry about people we love that are no longer with us, or a relationship that has changed over time, or finding that something you were really looking forward to is no longer possible, or just being lonely, I think these things are good reasons to embrace sadness for a time. The last two nights I cried myself to sleep, all the while asking God to make the next day new, and when I woke up this morning (after sleeping in until 11:30- hehe) the gorgeous sun was shining and my soul felt fresh. I went for a jog at Wash Park in the beautiful sunshine and I feel happy. The sadness that put me to sleep the last couple nights is fading, and I am ready for this new day and week. God is good, he makes things fresh and helps keep my "insides" from aching. :)


anng said...

I am in complete agreement friend! All the hard times I went through freshman and sophomore year were some of the hardest but most spiritually rewarding times of my life. Even with that said, I am sad to see my friend sad. I am glad though that your prayers are being answered and that you're able to appreciate the joy of a new day and feel God's presence. Love ya!

feedforward said...

Future Sis,

I really appreciate this blog entry! I feel like so many of us are trying to hide our sadness because it might be perceived as some kind of weakness/uncoolness/unspiritualness, even though we all know life is full of both ups and downs. It was refreshing to hear your honesty.