Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Weekend!

This weekend was the last before I started my staff (not travel) job at Swedish. It's kinda crazy to me that I am actually trying to "settle down" here in Denver, at least for the time being, but it feels really right to be here.

Friday was filled with Downtown activities, getting dressed up, looking pretty and spending time with some fun girls. We had a "fake bachelorette" for Jessica and pretended she was getting married to a french guy, "Hubert Janelle" haha amazing. We ate delicious french food: muscles, stuffed duck....mmmm. I got to stay in a beautiful hotel room downtown on the 24th floor of the Hyatt and the view was incredible!!

Saturday I went up to Windsor to visit Cash and Chad came too. It was a wonderful relaxing day that let me get over the last night's activities without requiring too much brain or body-power :) Cash worked on perfecting her dulce de leche (sp??) recipe and we stirred and stirred that stuff for hours!!! but it was really yummy! Sunday Chad made some amazing strawberry gelato and we all went to Swetville Zoo, which is this really great property that is full of animal and fantasy creatures all created out of old farm/car pieces by a farmer. They are incredible!!

Sunday evening I had sushi with Jenna and Pat and some of their friends from where they grew up. They were really funny and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! The sushi was amazing as well...

This morning came way to early, especially since I knew the next 8 hours of my life were going to be spent sitting in front of various power point presentations that I just watched 9 months ago...uggghhhhh..... It wasn't quite as bad as I remember because Jenna was there too. We wrote notes back and forth throughout the day- it felt like being in middle school again :) More orientation tomorrow, get excited!!!

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